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The Door

Filmed over many years and seasons, here’s a new experimental film called The Door. What I like about something like this are the tactile elements: scratches, flecks, dust, various film transfers, distortions, and painting on the celluloid. I’ve heard this concept of feeling the materiality in a film referred to as cinematicity.

A door is a barrier, a line, and a moment of rupture in time. In our feature film, Goblin, there are many similar doors that characters pass through. Some of these doors are physical, some of them are ones of consciousness, and some of them are to other realities. Please help bring Goblin into production by visiting and supporting our Kickstarter –> HERE!


Home Near Water

Home Near Water (2013) had some excellent screenings during 2014-2015.  The film was officially selected and screened at the Chicago Underground Film Festival (longest running underground film festival in the world), Maryland Film Festival, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, and MNTV on TPT (Twin Cities Public Television).  Highlights were taking a road trip and attending the Maryland film festival, the MNTV screening at the Walker Art Center, and receiving an award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

The film includes the acting talents of Joel Stigliano and Larissa Fedoryka, musical score from Aaron Butler, and makeup FX from Scott Sliger.

It can be viewed here:

For an award, I got this from the Chicago Underground Film Fest (a hand-made puppet!):

Puppet Award, Chicago Underground Film Festival